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Restore not possible for saved state VMs


I noticed following with 2012 R2 host and latest hvbackup:
It's not possible to import VMs not supporting Snapshot but saved state backup. Which is for example XP or Ubuntu 12.04 etc. Some files seem to be missing because during import following popup appears:
[Window Title]
Error to stored status

[Main Instruction]
In conjunction with the saved state following errors were reported:
The file containing the saved state does not exist.
The log-file does not exist.
 The process can be continued only if these errors are corrected. If the stored states to which these errors are due to be cleared to continue?

[Stored Status delete] [Cancel]
If you choose [Stored Status delete] you'll be able to continue but import stops finally with:
[Window Title]
Import Wizard

[Main Instruction]
Error importing.

The status of "VMNAME - Backup - (06/17/2014 - 02:37:36)" could not be changed.

The operation is not supported.

This is evil.